Art at San Pedro

The beautiful works of art in San Pedro Roman Catholic Church done by the local artist, Papo Alamilla, depict key moments in the life of Saint Peter which highlights the process for all disciples of Jesus Christ. The paintings are a beautiful reminder for all the baptized to seek holiness on this path of perfection.

Original art "Christ Calling Peter and Andrew" by Harry Anderson

Virtues: Availability & Diligence

Original art "Our Refuge and Strength" by Morgan Weistling

Virtues: Trust & Surrender

Original art "Jesus Washing Peter’s Feet" by Ford Madox Brown

Virtues: Service & Humility

Original art "Crucifixion of Saint Peter" by Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio

Virtues: Perseverance & Fortitude

Original art "Simeon Holding Jesus" by Andrey Shishkin

Original art "Moses and the Red Sea" by Sheila McDonald

Original art "Christ's Charge to St. Peter" by Peter Paul Rubens

Saint Peter and the Three Ways of the Spiritual Life

The call to holiness has existed since the beginning of the Church. Jesus said to his disciples to "be perfect, just as your Heavenly Father is perfect." From the time of the Church Fathers in the first centuries of the church, Catholic spirituality has noted three basic “ways” or “stages” of the interior life (or spiritual life) through which the soul must pass that draws a follower of Jesus into deeper union with God: the Purgative, the Illuminative, and the Unitive. Saint Peter, as seen in the scriptures, was brought through these stages from his call to follow Jesus, through to his encountering the death and resurrection of Jesus, to his bold proclamation of Gospel after the coming of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost. This path serves as a model for every disciple. Those who seek union with God must realize that such union, while always the gift of God, still requires a process, often painful, that must “pave the way” for that union.

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