Take the Catechism Challenge

When was the last time you studied your Catholic faith? Standard V? Sadly, many Catholics walk away from the riches of the 2000-year Catholic faith because they settled for a routine and took the time to discover the wonders of what has been handed on to us.

Therefore, they walk away, never knowing they are walking away from the fullness of the means of salvation. The Catechism Challenge is perfect for anyone with a sincere heart and a busy life.

Are you up for the Challenge?

Commit 3-minutes a day for 11 weeks (70 episodes plus 2) to get a refresher course of what we believe as Catholics. Complied in Rome and inspired by the bible, you will receive a clear understanding of the Catholic faith in a simple, enjoyable manner.

Watch the videos here or download the App on the App Store or GooglePlay or watch the video playlist here.