Roberto the caretaker

Little Nazareth, San Pedro

Family life has always been a treasure for the people on San Pedro Island. In the family, the wisdom of previous generations meets the creativity and energy of the younger generations.

It is in the family that our Catholic faith is handed on and virtue is fostered. As San Pedro island grows and screen time increases, we find that there is a tendency to isolation in our community and new challenges to marriages and family life. We need to remember those values that come from God which truly bring lasting happiness. In the complexities of life, we are invited to once again embrace the gift of the family in our marriages, work, rest and prayer.

We thank the Most Holy Trinity for the gift of providence to the Catholic Church. Mr. Homero Escalante, working in accord with his brother, Wilfredo, has donated about 6 Acres of premium land by the Amberges Stadium to the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church has been present when the community was only 250 people and the church will use this land to benefit the entire community and glorify Jesus Christ.

The Vision of Little Nazareth

The vision of what is now called, Little Nazareth, is a rustic environment that respects the beauty of creation and will support all the values of family life. Jesus Christ grew in wisdom and grace with Saint Joseph and his Mother, Mary in a little town called Nazareth. Little Nazareth hopes to be a refuge of peace and harmony where persons may be renewed in peace and hope and love.

Chickens Co-Op at Little Nazareth

Located at Little Nazareth, we have simple co-op with pure bread Road Island Reds chickens. We are working in solidarity with the local chicken industry to increase the local chicken stalk in Belize.


Saint Francis Recovery Community

Blessed by providence and the generosity of concerned benefactors, San Pedro Catholic Church is trying to alleviate the painful alcoholism and drug addiction challenges present in our community.


Saint Joseph Workshop

A new humble building located at Little Nazareth meant to provide a state-of-the-art carpentry facility surround by the fresh environment of God’s creation.