What is Discipleship?

Jesus having chosen and called twelve ordinary men to be his apostles, began their formal training as disciples with the goal of transforming them to be just like Him. “Christ’s disciples are to conform themselves to him until he is formed in them” (Catechism, 562). The purpose of discipleship is to grow your Catholic faith into spiritual maturity.

A disciple is a committed follower and life-long friend of Jesus Christ. Growing as a disciple is much more than learning theological knowledge from textbooks, it is rather a dedication of one’s life to think, act and be like Christ Jesus. It is a desire to listen and observe, to understand and put into practice Jesus’ interpretation of Scripture, that is His yoke (cf. Mt 11:29-30; Acts 15:10). It ultimately implies a willingness to leave behind whatever He asks (cf. Lk 18:22), and follow the Lamb wherever He goes (cf. Rev 14:4).

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