Saint Teresa Casita Parish Ministry

Our mission statement, “Serving others with God’s love to give them Hope and Peace" was inspired by this great saint and serves as our banner as we focus on those in greatest need.

In particular, we want to help single moms and families with young children. We also strive to assist abused women, persons that are mentally challenged, and those who are hurting and in need of spiritual healing. We also council and assist single moms considering abortion to choose life and make available all the tools necessary to achieve this goal. In short, providing sustenance is only one of the many functions of the Casita.

To ensure the Casita is reaching those in greatest need; a vetting process is undertaken to verify need. We personally get to form a relationship with each person.

Information is gathered and a follow up visit is undertaken. We provide an initial bag of food to all we visit, but our ultimate goal is a holistic approach which encompasses body, soul and mind. If a person or family, after vetting, is determined not to be in dire need of food (for example if they have a decent job), we will still assist them in any way we can with the resources available to us.

Hosting Donor is a donor who would like to raise funds and reach out to their friends and family to assist our various needs for the poor. Several ideas include hosting our "Charity Day Event" (Food) with all the provisions for the food bags (80) families on a Charity Day, Education Scholarships, Medical, Pregnant Mom who may need help to walk with her medical expenses and baby until she gives birth.

We are looking for donations for bulk grains, chicken, eggs and the various needs mentioned above.

We have a donate button below where you can donate. If you are here in San Pedro Town, I would love to set up a call to discuss further.


Charity Day Photos

How Can I Help?

Donations for the Poor - Please consider contributing to the "Poor." All donations go directly to the care of those in need. We are requesting hosting donors to support our Charity Days which are held every two weeks here at our beach courtyard. For more information: Tel:+501-615-3372 or email


Prayers - We pray for the poor, the needy and the sick. Certainly your collective prayers will ensure success. How could it not? God listens and provides.

Volunteers - There is a saying, “many hands make light work”. We need more hands in light of the work we need to do. The Casita will always be looking for dedicated leaders and individuals to come and join our great organization. We are looking for anyone willing to work from home with good writing skills. We also visit our families that come on community days. If you think you are ready to be one of us kindly contact the church at 623-3372 or visit the Casita located at the back of the church.

What Our Volunteers Say