Serving Our Community

Caring for Our Environment

Join our volunteers to pick up trash. We care for God's creation by picking up trash, which also helps our town and our ocean, especially the reef, to look even more beautiful.

To volunteer or simply to learn more contact Catherine Paz.

Catherine Paz


COVID Works of Mercy

During the COVID outbreak in San Pedro there was significant job losses and economic challenges. These challenges continue for many families and individuals. Thanks to the generosity of our donors, the Catholic Church has been able to offer rice and bean and other essential products for 100 to 300 persons every Saturday morning at the San Pablo Chapel and at Lion’s Den since March 2020.

As the pandemic lessens, we will continue to offer assistant, yet begin to transition to providing practical skills and a new Shoulder-to-Shoulder ministry, especially for our elderly.

Analilia - San Pedro Church


Smiley - San Pablo Church


Door to Door Visitation

As disciples we are sent to make the love of Jesus visible to our neighbors. Many do not know the love of Jesus Christ and others are suffering from poverty or sickness. People in the door-to-door ministry go out and touch persons who need the love of Jesus. Accompanied by the Madre de la Luz sisters or a friend of Christ these people go to find those who are no able to come to us.

Contact the office if you are willing and able to serve in this important ministry.

San Pedro Office